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software recommendation - Is there an easy to use Bible program for both OS X and iOS?
  • roberta

    Is there an easy to use Bible program, preferably with dictionary, concordance as well as text for maybe more than 1 translation.

    My PC has PC Study Bible and it's great but I've grown to hate Parallels.

    Tried Macsword and bombed out, too complicated for me.

  •  Answers:

  • daviesgeek

    Logos Bible Software

    For both Mac and iOS, as well as Windows, Android, and web based. It has several different versions, some are paid, and some free. It allows you to search within a Bible. Other features include Bible words studies, passage guides, highlighting, and reading plans

    iOS App Store Link (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch compatible) Logos bible on iOS
    Logos for Mac
    Logos for Mca

  • Nathan Bunney

    Top Choices for Mac Bible Software

    There are many Bible programs for the Mac.

    • Logos Bible software Fairly easy to use but also somewhat expensive. Logos Bible Software

    • Accordance I have heard that this is the best and most powerful of them, and there is a free version. Accordance Bible Software

    • OliveTree This is what I use (mostly on my iPad) and I love it. Olive Tree for Mac

    You can find other links to software here.

  • patrix

    I like Blue Letter Bible (Mac/OSX). Different versions for side x side comparison. Great iPhone and and iPad Apps. Has great commentaries (written and Audio). The Apps is where I believe it does the best job. It's free, donations are accepted.

  • Max Cho

    If you're looking for synchronization between devices as a key feature, then you could consider using a Kindle bible. Then you've got a web interface, iPad, and iPhone interface that synchronizes your personal notes and highlights. It unfortunately won't have a lot of the other features you're looking for.

  • Daniel Lawson

    This is the ridiculously simple answer, but I don't use a special bible reader program; I use built-in operating system features and a high quality text editor.

    I constructed a text file called Bible.txt that I open in TextWrangler. The editor's search features function well as a concordance, and for multiple translations, I open additional text files in additional windows. Thanks to the wonders of Unicode, it even works for Hebrew and Greek versions.

    I have chapter breaks set up with hard \n characters, and verses separated simply by verse numbers, so each line is a chapter.

    It doesn't have a bible dictionary, but three-finger tap on my trackpad brings up the Mac OS X Dictionary, which includes Wikipedia pages that are quite helpful about names of people, places, events, etc.

    On the iOS side, I use iBooks. Not as full-featured as the Mac side, but I mostly read there, and don't do a whole lot of active sermon writing on my iPod Touch.